Landlord Responsible Disrepair – When it comes to disrepair in a rental property, it’s essential to understand the landlord’s responsibilities. Landlords are generally responsible for maintaining the property in a habitable condition, including addressing issues related to structural integrity, essential utilities, and overall safety. In many jurisdictions, landlords are required by law to promptly address disrepair issues that affect the tenant’s quality of life or pose safety hazards.

Tenants should promptly report any disrepair issues to their landlord or property management, preferably in writing, to maintain a record of the communication. If the landlord fails to address the disrepair within a reasonable period, tenants may have legal recourse to compel the landlord to fulfill their responsibilities.

Tenants should familiarize themselves with the specific landlord-tenant laws in their jurisdiction to understand their rights and the proper procedures for addressing disrepair issues.

Remember, this information may vary by location, and it’s always advisable to seek legal advice or consult local housing authorities for specific guidance.


Aluminium windows throughout, except one recent replacement in bathroom which is UPVc.  The windows have been assessed by the contractor of Name and the case was transferred to the Commercial Team due to cost of replacement (exceeds budget). This was confirmed in June 2019, since that point no one is responding to the client.  The encased wooden frames show sign of rot to the kitchen windows, ensuite bathroom window, front bedroom LHS window.  Some sills were replaced and several windows have seen remedial repairs using Resin based materials (outside of kitchen window).  The lhs pane of glass at kitchen window is not secure in frame (moves 1/4 of an inch). All walls below the windows and at RHS in kitchen show elevated damp readings.  Kitchen – 644 at it’s worst.

The gutter and down pipe (hopper) is displaced at rear – the corner of the building is measuring wet, 644 at it’s worst.  Remedial repairs carried out (bath replaced recently).

Access limited as owned by neighbouring property.  The interior walls are measuring wet at 2nd bedroom and kitchen – presumably penetrating through render.  Bedroom 2 (Dark Blue paint) – 258, Kitchen – 881 (light grey), tiles are bowing at wall at worktop to this region also.

The skirting has started to separate from the wall and structural cracking is present to this region also

Confirming general overall state of disrepair to aluminium windows

If you are in need of advice regarding disrepair then please contact us by completing this simple form here

Alternatively you make obtain advice the the UK Government website by clicking here.


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