Anne Marie Taylor

Image of Anne Marie smilingI worked at Erinaceous Insurance as Operations Manager before I set up Digital Inventory in 2002.  I have extensive knowledge and experience in management of situations, customer service delivery and relationship building.  I like the comraderie of a team environment and also work functionally on my own. 

When I was at Erinaceous, the Company Underwriter and I branched off and set up Digital Inventory which I speak about in my job roles to follow.  I have since widened this offering in my capacity as ‘Housing Inspector’.  Day to day, I find myself in challenging situations given the nature of my service so critical thinking, sensitivity, little tact and a lot of diplomacy are skills I use regularly.

I started the LLB Law degree with Open University in 2013, I am working through module 1 of year 3 presently.  I have also registered and paid to take foundation entry exam at IRPM and remain a member of the Chartered Institute of Housing.


Our Lady’s Convent / Stamford Hill – 1986

O Level Standard Education; subjects studied Art, Drama, Maths, Science, English, Geography, Religious Education, Dance, History.

In House training with Arthur Andersen + Co.

In house training / Interviewing techniques (AA & Co) 1988

1987 – 1988

North London Polytechnic, Pitmans Business School

RSA, 1, II, III, Typing – Distinction

Pitmans New Era Shortland

2013 – date

LLB Hons Law Degree – 2nd year (Open University) 1st year pass – credits at 180 to 2015.


As a contractor to property professional including the legal profession in London, the details of my follow:

online letting property management interface allowing me to interact with all clients, councils, housing associations and private landlords. 

• Preparing agreements / contracts for tenants/contractors
• Negotiating contract renewals
• Managing rental properties
• Preparing inventories, and daily correspondence

•Communications between all parties in the business
•Day to day administration of property management matters
•Direct and close liaison between clients
•Identification of new business opportunities and generating and securing of new business
•Managing Landlord and Tenant Issues
•Appointing, Managing and Monitoring Contractors

2002 – Date
The Housing Inspector/Digital Inventory   London, Central and SE

Sole trader

Business Management  / Arbitrator / Rental Market (

I set up this company (originally trading as employing 23 sales staff within the insurance/property market to deliver

bespoke dvd inventory solutions to the Landlord/Tenant market

I achieved sales of £265,000 first year at 35% profit margin

We expanded sales to include mass market national accounts in 1st and 2nd year.

I also developed a unique “no deposit insurance product”; discussions in 2006 and 2007 with Capita – BDML Group / Lumley Jacobs regarding joint venture to deliver DI and No Deposit Insurance to market place.

DI delivered the first DVD Inventory to the market place.

1997 – 2002                   
Erinaceous Group

London, SE

Operations Manager / Administration Centre Manager

Insurance Industry Solutions to Let Market Place/Operational and Sales Development

Managed the day to day functionality of insurance renewals, premium placement and

query at first notification claim level.

Managed 85 Office based staff and a sales force of 50 business development managers

Implemented training course for new recruits, daily liaison with directors.

1996 – 1997                   
AJENDA Marketing                        
London, SE

Sole Proprietor

Training and Sales Development

Delivered training and sales solutions to small to medium businesses in South East and Central London, contract with NHS Trust in SE.

1992 – 1996                   
Trevor James Partnership                 London, SE

Temporaries Controller/Manager

Managing 150 temporary staff portfolio, staff training, sales and client care.

1992 – 1989       
Arthur Andersen           EC1

Personnel Assistant

Personnell – tax and mc division

1st stage interviews handled for Tax and Management Consultancy Division –

Budget control for temporary requirements within the above mentioned departments

Administration / matters arising.

Life in general interests me and people.  I love photography, creative art and adore brave thinkers and doers.

Resilient: I am highly motivated and not easily discouraged; I remain calm under pressure.

Competitive: I am naturally competitive and aspire to be the best at whatever I do.

Decisive: I am determined and focused, willing to take difficult decisions and see them through

Persuasive: I can present the key points of an argument persuasively and influence decisions. 

Problem solver: I have the ability to identify potential difficulties, generate workable solutions and make rational informed judgements. I am skilled in reconciling conflict.

Collaborative: I develop effective and supportive relationships with colleagues and clients.

Organised: I consider myself to be highly organised with excellent people skills, coupled with attention to detail


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